Eco Tours: Oceania 24 goes green

Our Eco Tours in Victoria – Proud to be green

Our parent company Oceania Tours, is proud to work closely with Eco Tourism Australia.

In 2018, we were awarded an upgrade to Eco Tourism Status. This reflect our outstanding eco tours in Victoria and the company’s commitment to the environment.

Eco Tourism Australia

Find our green listing and information about all our accredited tours. experiences/green-travel-guide/oceania-tours

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But we have an even bigger announcement to make

To coincide with the launch of our new brand Oceania24, we are proud to announce that we now offset all carbon emissions for ALL Oceania Tours and Oceania24 Tours.

Green FleetWho is Greenfleet?

Oceania Tours and Oceania24 choose Greenfleet Australia to offset our carbon emissions.

Did you know that Greenfleet plant native trees to restore forests and offset carbon emissions?

They are currently working on a Great Ocean Road Re vegetation Project. Importantly, this will to help restore koala habitats which links with our support of the Great Ocean Road Conservation Centre.

Of course, we hope to inspire other Australian Tourism Operators to join us in our mission to reduce our carbon footprint. We therefore encourage you to learn more about Greenfleet by visiting their website: